From sweatshirts and cheese balls to the ever popular We Care “Stuff” and “Doo-dah”, the We Care store has everything the holiday shopper needs! 

The We Care store opens at the Markland Mall every year during We Care season.  It has been a long-time part of the community and a very special part of Kokomo’s Christmas sprit. 

The store sells all sorts of Kokomo and We Care memorabilia, including Hope Doll items, special We Care food, We Care paperweights, Kokomo and We Care sweatshirts, We Care mini-Coke bottles, and the ever popular We Care CDs. Newer items include the We Care Friends Cookbook and the We Care DVD, titled “The We Care Story, A History of We Care on DVD”.

The We Care store is a wonderful reminder of just how much this community cares.  It is a great tradition that the people of this community look forward to every year!