Trim-A-Tree Festival

2022 Trim-A-Tree Festival at Markland Mall

2022 Reservation Day: Wednesday, August 3rd, 2022
Decorating Day: Sunday, October 30 at 6pm
Auction: Sunday, November 13 at 5pm

Businesses, schools, organizations and individuals who would like to decorate a Christmas tree or wreath need to call Wednesday, August 3 between 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. to be placed on the list. The number to call is: (765) 457-1134. The phone will be answered as Liberty Financial and you will be transferred to a We Care representative. Callers will need to provide a contact name, phone number, email and mailing address.

A predetermined number of wreaths (36”), table top trees (4 ½ ft), and full trees (7 ½ ft) will be available. These are available on a first-come basis. A standby list will then be generated in case of any cancellations. We Care provides the trees/wreaths to the decorators at no cost. Limit of one tree/wreath per business, school, organization and individual.

The Trim-A-Tree Festival will be held October 30th – November 13th at Markland Mall, SR 931 & Markland Ave. Decorating will be Sunday, October 30th at 6 pm. The Auction is Sunday, November 13th at 5 pm.

For additional information, email Mariesa Skogland at

The Trim-A-Tree Festival was initiated in 1993 as an area in which additional groups, clubs and businesses would have an opportunity to volunteer for We Care. They transformed nineteen artificial trees into fully decorated trees, each bearing a special theme. The trees were displayed in the mall for one week then sold during a spectacular auction amidst a standing-room-only crowd. The selling prices started at $500.00 with a high bid of $13,000 dollars.

The Trim-A-Tree Festival increased in interest and demand. Groups or individuals sign up for the available trees the first of August. Nearly eighty trees with unique and inspiring themes are decorated each year by around 1,000 volunteers in just one short evening. The Markland Mall provides the space and required electrical for the two weeks the trees are displayed. Thousands of individuals vote with coins and even paper money for the Peoples Choice Award. A trophy is given to the decorator of the tree receiving the most votes (money).

Nearly $2,000,000 has been raised by all of the Trim-A-Tree festivals combined, but equally important is the enjoyment shared by the vast numbers of those involved. The Trim-A-Tree festival creates a splendid holiday atmosphere. School children, senior citizens, tour groups, and individuals fill the mall daily to enjoy the display.